Woke up early and got up of course.
We headed off for a hike. Today we went over past Granite Falls to hike in and around “Lake 22”.

Parked and headed up the trail. The last time we tried to go up here was back in 2008 but we had to turn back due to an avalanche, Now we are here again.


We got to the lake and decided to do the loop around it

Coming back out along we met Sierra and her friend Tammy. We chatted for a wee bit and continued along our way. It was great to see Sierra and Tammy was truly lovely.

The hike today was 6.7 miles but me Garmin was losing reception and only picked up 6 miles of it.

We stopped off at Taco Time for lunch. Then headed for the castle.

Passed away some time at home before having a shower and heading out. Tonight we went over to Brenda and Mitch for the dinner. Thea was there. Matt and Philippa showed up the same time as we did.

Ate the evening away and chatted as much as we ate. A truly lovely visit came to an end and off we went.

Home and now a nap hopefully.