Woke up early of course. Passed away many hours before going out too the work.

Headed down to the office early. Got set up and ready for the new sign installers to show up. I went through the process with them. They got the front one up after a while. Then they worked on the back one. I didn’t like the way it was looking on the building and had them remove and reset it. This created a not so happy work place. Nevertheless when I thanked them after it was done they were very happy. Finished up the time there and headed to Bellevue.

Arrived at the new WF 365 store that will open up here next Wednesday.

I met with Marvin and I went to work drying in the South side door. Walked through the building many times and all looked well. We got to have a free lunch from the deli. I had a few choices of vegetarian Indian food to try so I tried them all. Had a follow up with a few different items before I was done and it was all great. Finished out my day here. Cleaned up and headed out.

Made it home in good time. Did the time cards and the rest before I closed out the day. Natasha arrived and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Then over to PCC in Greenlake for a few items. Stopped into Menchie’s for dessert. Then up to the BOA to make a deposit.


Passed away the evening like we do..

Here is a photo of me granny on the left with her friend Queenie on the right. Well Queenie was my friend as well.

Now I will get ready to retire and get myself ready for the day of visiting tomorrow morning.