Woke up early and passed away many many hours.

We finally got ready and headed out. We drove over to Snohomish and into “The Maltby Café” for breakfast. We had not been here in years and it was just as good now as back then. The waitress was young with an old soul and was shyly lovely, could be my wife in a other time.

Next we continued on over to Leavenworth. We drove around looking at the properties that we had liked and talked to an agent about. Up and down the mountain and lake going through places where we had not been in years but still looking familiar. Saw some great places and some not so great. One of the ones we liked had great potential that we could work with easy but it may be too close to the train tracks.

Drove through Leavenworth to get lunch but it was too busy so we decided to get the hell out of town. We decided to go over to I-97 and stop into The Rail something or other Café instead since we were going that way. We got there and the café was closed down. Too bad.

We continued down the 97 looking at properties  driving up Forest Service roads and having to turn back. We arrived into the town of Liberty. We had not been back here in years. Joyce and Barry took us here way back in the day after they moved to Roslyn. It is a lovely looking well preserved theme kept town. We drove around the back roads here as well looking for properties.

After the search we drove on sown to Cle Elum with 18 miles left on the tank. Stopped into the “El Coporal” restaurant for lunch/dinner. We had not been here in many years also. Last time was with Barry, Joyce and Realta. Ate a fine meal and headed out.

Stopped into the gas station for petrol, then Safeway for dessert. Finally stopped into Windermere to talk to the real estate agents there. Got some info on stuff coming up in the future. Headed back the I-90 eating our ice creams. We stopped into Easton and saw some potential properties there.Got home after a long day of searching. Had a toastie for  the snack.

Went to bed late and tired.