October 2016

Woke up tired from all the sugar last night. Well I woke up tired every half hour for the whole night.

Back to Sammamish and worked on the odds and ends all day.

Stopped off at Greenlake on the way home. Ran around the lake and zoo for a 5.2 mile run. It has been a long time since I did this.

Had dinner at home.

Then headed down to the TV room to watch the last of our Horror Genre of movies for the season. Tonight’s one was the remake of “Halloween”


It was a good remake indeed.

Now after putting two Tranquil Sleeps into my body I should nod off.


Woke up tired.

Passed away the hours into the day.  Ran up too the park and around a couple of times before returning home for a three mile run.

Back home and got ready to head over to Scott and Kristine’s to watch the Seahawks take on the Saints. We had great food there as usual. Jodi and Sean arrived. Then later another couple who we hadn’t met before showed up.

While the day went great the game didn’t go so well for us. We lost and it went down to the last second even.

Headed for home after we were done. Passed away the day doing nothing.

We had the dinner ala Natasha.

Watched a movie on Netflix. “I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House”


Now a nap hopefully.

Woke up early of course.

Had the tae and a scone that Natasha baked.

Then headed out for a run later on. I did a ten mile loop taking photos along the way. I felt good and happy even though it was raining the whole time. You might get to see the photos here.

Arrived home and changed into dry clothes straight away. The straight out the door to Tengu Sushi for lunch followed by a trip to Thornton Place to see the new Tom Hank’s movie. “The Inferno”

Not anywhere as good as The Da Vinci Code.

Realta came up with a name for me granddaughter she will be named Aine Marie. Great name.

Headed home after a trip to QFC.

Later on in the evening after dinner and during dessert we watched “Krampus”

Thought it shite really.

Now what?

Up and at them

Headed over to the temple for the day o labor.

Got everything done that I needed to get done. The roofer will show up on Monday.


Natasha arrived home and we headed on down Capitol Hill. We met Philippa followed after by Matt at the Saba for dinner. It was actually a grand spot and the food was good.
Next we headed up to the “Optimism Brewing Company” for Tricia’s Surprise Party. Tricia was totally surprised it seemed. Me pal Beth was there. Sean as well. Carrie of course who I hadn’t seen in a while. Brenda, Matt and Phil along with a bunch of Tricia’s work mates. The evening went along well.



Up and at them.
“Sammamish for the morning to get the ball, well keep the ball rolling. After I was done I headed to NSMarket on Mercer Island and did a repair there. Stopped into Starbucks for a tea to take with me to NW Hospital where I finished out my day.


I decided to run hills this day for me run workout. Ran up and down 12th until I reached 3 miles.

Headed over to Georgetown to meet with Scott and Kristine to go to the Morgue Haunted evening. We went to the Hudson for dinner. Ate a grand enough meal.
Then we went in next door to the Haunted Morgue.

It was a good one.

When we were done we went over to Whit Center to have dessert. We went to “Full Tilt” Finished out the evening there with a grand chat.


Woke up after a grand nap

Back to Sammamish for a wee bit. Then headed over to NWH via the shop., office and Atlas.

Headed up to NW Hospital to finish out the day.

Went for a wee run down and around the park for three miles.
Next we headed on down to the ACT to see “Dangerous Liaisons”

This was a good one as well.



Up and at them.

Headed over to Sammamish for the early start. Got the two lifts ready for removal. Had a mechanic come out to get the one working. I put product on the building for the day and many other odds and ends. Left the job very late this day.

Heading home I decided to have a three mile run along the Lake Sammamish Trail while traffic dies down. The part I ran on was too loud with the traffic and the bugs that hung out in the drain were a bit annoying. But other than that all went well.


Dinner and then a movie. Tonight is “Into The Forest”

It was actually a good one. Not really a horror but worth a watch.

Now a nap.

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