Woke up early like I do. Although the sleeping has improved from last year.

Passed away many many hours. Had a breakkie.

Passed away many more hours. Then headed on down to the Starbucks at LFP to meet with Julie. We sat there for a while a chatting. Then off on the run.

Today the run was five miles and it was all good.

Later on in the evening we went over to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Well Natasha mainly did I just do my part of being the good husband and a vegetarian going to a sushi restaurant.

We headed on down to Kent after that to see the Seattle Thunderbirds take on Portland in the home opener.

We got our seats and waited. They raised the banners from our great year last season. Then the game started. The woman in front of me smelt like a prostitute with all the perfume. Well I should say smelled like what I imagine a cheap prostitute would smell like since I have not yet had the pleasure of being with one. The clapper boards that were on our seats when we came un were damaging my ear drums. The crowd were shouting “Portland Sucks”, I never really liked that childhood rant at these games. These rants went away after they were ahead of us by 3 goals. Then  we scored a well needed goal and the chanting started yet again. Thank god it was gone when we were horribly beaten BY “5”  1-6.

A horrible Home Opener indeed.

Home and off to bed/