Woke up early.

Passed away the morning. We  had a breakfast ala Natasha,

I went out for a run later on. Down to the park and around a few times while Natasha went on her walk. I ran extra at the park to make up my three plus mile run before I got to walk home with me wifey.

We had tea and a bar before we went out for the day. Today we went over to Cle Elum and met with Jan the realtor. He is a cheerful lad doing his job. We drove with him over to the Liberty area and looked at the property. It was actually better than I expected but not as good as I had hoped.

We drove around looking at other areas of hope to no avail. Then back to his office. We headed across the road to Safeway and had a sandwich for lunch. Then back into the Subaru and headed back to Seattle.

In Seattle we passed away the rest of the day having dinner at home.

Now a nap.