Woke up at 1:37

Passed away all the hours until time to work.

Sammamish by 6 and went straight at it. Ken and Brandon showed up to do their part. Worked away all day.
Headed over to the Atlas and the shop to get Chuck set up on his job. Talked with Dave for a moment. Back to Sammamish and finished out the day.


Packed up and headed to Vancouver when Natasha arrived. Crossed the border in a second. Got to the hotel “The Century Plaza” in good time and got the room 2401.

Unpacked in the great room with a kitchenette and then headed over to “Taki’s Taverna” for dinner. Had the moussaka and Natasha had the Spanakopita.  Walked around for a wee bit. Stopped into the IGA for some items and then back to the hotel. Had the dessert and the like before bed.