November 2016

Woke up at 2 something. Watched a movie.
Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

It was shite enough but good at 2 in the morning.

Headed off to the job for the day. Sammamish. Kept the same four guys as yesterday busy.



Headed down to LFP and ran 5 miles with Julie.




Up and at them.  Headed to work in the Sammamish. Ken, Brandon, Elder and Bill for Wilson all there to help me. A disastrous day with the sprayer breaking down. Left there in the dark late.



Put up more Christmas stuff.


Up and off to work at Sammamish. Elder called in sick. I had Brandon and Ken there to help. Worked away the day. Rain kept away.


Dinner and then met Julie at LFP for a run. We ran the four miles and then tried our lotto tickets. Had to buy more since our luck was not with us.

Back home and passed away the time before bed.


Woke up rested.

Had the breakkie. Packed up bags and got ready to leave. We brought out our bags and the garbage and then headed out. We drove around for a wee bit and then into Starbucks for the snacka, Pulled out of town and headed south back towards home again. This was another great trip we had together. .

Here are the photos of the trip.

Got across the border in a second and all the way down to Ballinger Way where we stopped into Panera for a sandwich. Continued on down to Matt and Philippa;s where we worked on the house for a while. Great company to finish out the holiday weekend with.

Headed home an the evening and unpacked. Had dinner and relaxed.


Woke up grand. Passed away the hours and then headed out for a run. The place was covered with snow and I took a lot of photos along the way so got a nice slow run in.  The satellites hadn’t kicked in so I missed out on about half a mile of recording but here is 4 miles of it anyway.  

Back home to me Natasha. Had a snacka. Later on we headed off around the golf course for a walk. It was nice in the snow and with Natasha of course. We chatted our way around it and then stopped into the Holiday Bazar as we have done for the last three years up here. Found it not as good as previous years but still worth a visit.

We went down to Dub’s for the lunch. Had a burrito and taco salad there. Back home to the roaring fire. Ate the dinner later on and ended our day soon after.


Woke up after a good sleep.
I waited a few hours and let it get bright outside, Had tea and toast in the meantime. Then headed over and around the golf course to complete a 4 plus mile jaunt. I had to cut new snow where the trail wasn’t cleared. Back home and relaxed in the super warm condo.

We headed on over to Scandinave Spa for the day. Did the usual routines there with lunch taken in. I did manage to get too nod off for a nap or two during our time here, Left there feeling so good as usual.

Passed away time organizing stuff on the external hard drives that I brought up with me to do. We ate a great dinner in the evening. Headed up town again to pass away the evening. It was lovely.

Headed out for our evening walk and a bit of shopping. It was so nice to be out in the snow.

Bach home and nodded off to sleep later on.

Woke up early of course.
Packed food and clothes into the car.
Got out of town after a stop at Starbucks.

Up and across the border in no time and on to Squamish where we stopped at The White Spot for breakfast like we usually do.

Drove on up and into Whistler after that. Snow got more and more as we got higher. We arrived at Stony Creek and unpacked our stuff into unit 50. Headed over to the IGA for a few items and then parked the car back at our place.

We had lunch after lazing around for a good while. We passed away time doing the odds and ends that we rarely get time to do when we are home in Seattle. The evening arrived and we put on the dinner. Ate like two champs after that and yet again I overate for the holiday.

Went to bed later and passed out.

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