Up and down to the shop. Got some caulking to Kent. Headed over to Sammamish. Had to re do the Met window at the North side again. They had it wring yesterday. Caulked the inside of the elevator tower. Got organized for the week ahead. Finished out the day getting all the penetrations into the L2 shops sealed off. Had video conference with Kent to get him through the work that needed to be done on the Temple. Went back to the shop to get more supplies for the day tomorrow. Talked to Gerald at the S and his fellow is showing up tomorrow as well.


Put on and ate dinner. Then I met Natasha over at the Subaru dealership on Aurora. We left the Outback there to let them upgrade on the Recall part that was needed. Natasha took my Nissan home from there and I ran home. My watch stopped recording the distance along the way so I had to look it up once I got home. Low and behold I got a five mile run in.

Had many desserts and watched another episode of The Fall Season 3.