Woke up at 3.  Passed away the hours until near 6. Then I got dressed in my running clothes and headed out.

I went over to Ballard too pick up Shannon. Then off down to Kent and parked. We walked over too the table area and got our running numbers. Relaxed in the car for a while and then lined up for the start of our Half Marathon run.

We ran on down the road chatting along the way. It was a constant rain coming down. Got to the half way point in good time. A real nice girl from Brooklyn ran with us for a while. She was a film producer and originally from Tacoma. Had a drink at the water station.

Finished out the race well and I was delighted we brought it in under the two hours. Not bad for a short time training beforehand.

We headed back to home, said our goodbyes and I head over to Whole Foods to meet with Natasha. We have our lunch there and then off home.

Watched a movie in the evening. “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

We had seen it before but since there is a new one coming out it is good to see what it is about again.

Went to bed tired.