Passed into the new day in the new time zone asleep with the Tranquil Sleep in us.

Landed in JFK. Took the sir train and E train to 42nd St. Came out and went to Juniors on 45th street  for breakfast as usual. Then headed over to the Amsterdam Court Hotel. We were hours before check in time so we dropped our bags off and had the tea there. Then headed out.

We rode the Subway down to the Battery Park area. Then walked over to the ferry. Got the tickets and went over to Liberty Island. We hadn’t been back here since 1999 and my first visit to Liberty was in this month back in 1984. The tour up the crown was sold out for over a year ahead. We walked around the island listening to the audio tour on the devices they gave us. After a good bit of time we went into The Crown Cafe for lunch. It was quick and easy like.

Next we took the boat over to Ellis Island. This was our first time ever being here. It was nice to get off and walk through where my grandfather would have arrived and gone through back in the 1920s. I could feel and see what it would have been like fir him and people at that time arriving here. I learnt a lot actually. After a couple of hours here we took the ship back to Manhattan.

We went back to the hotel and got room 227 which was easy to remember since it is the first three numbers on my cell phone. We relaxed for a while. I called Sean S. And we planned to maybe meet up on Saturday for the Conor McGregor fight. Susan and Harry invited us over to their place on Sunday for the chat and eats. Looking forward to that.
We headed out to Don Antonio by Starita for dinner. Then back down to Juniors for dessert as we always do when we are here.
Back to 227 and nod off.