A lovely couple from Downpatrick joined us. They were a real nice newly married couple who were over here visiting. Conor McGregor’s fight started after 1am.

He rattled Alvarez three times in the first round. He came out confident in the second round and put him away with a ko. The bar was screaming for the whole fight and totally into it. It made it great. After it was I we we said our goodbyes. Sean walked us back to the hotel and we bid farewell.

Got into bed after 2 am.
Woke up around 7am for good. Had the shower and packed the bags.

Harry was downstairs waiting for us. We went down and got into his car. Then up town and over the George Washington Bridge and up through great fall colors. We stopped off at the park for a look around. Then he took is through the neighborhood showing us the bridge and different homes. Tappan is truly a great area. Loved it.

Back to the castle we go. We meet Susan and chat away. We hadn’t met since 1999 I think. She was in great form and cooked  a great omelet and biscuits washed down by Barry’s tea. Fiona comes out to meet us. A lovely young woman. Later on Emma   Comes down to say hello. Great familiar conversations follow for many hours. We had a great lunch before the goodbyes. Harry took us back to the city. We rode the E Train and the Sky Train out to the airport.

We checked in. Then went for dinner to the Cheeburger. Had dessert from a store. Oh and some cookies that we had with us.

Boarded the A320 operated by Jet Blue for Seattle

Flight went quick