Woke up grand. Passed away the hours and then headed out for a run. The place was covered with snow and I took a lot of photos along the way so got a nice slow run in.  The satellites hadn’t kicked in so I missed out on about half a mile of recording but here is 4 miles of it anyway.  

Back home to me Natasha. Had a snacka. Later on we headed off around the golf course for a walk. It was nice in the snow and with Natasha of course. We chatted our way around it and then stopped into the Holiday Bazar as we have done for the last three years up here. Found it not as good as previous years but still worth a visit.

We went down to Dub’s for the lunch. Had a burrito and taco salad there. Back home to the roaring fire. Ate the dinner later on and ended our day soon after.