December 2016

Up and at them.

Passed away the morning doing odds and ends. We went over to Thornton Place to see “Rogue One”.

Now this movie was one of the better SiFi movies I have seen in a long time.

We went over to Tengu Sushi for lunch when it was over.

Stopped into QFC for a few provisions on the way home.

We headed on down to Matt and Phil’s in the early evening. We had nibbles and chatted the time into the evening. Messages from friends about the new year coming in during the evening.

We played “The Game Of Things” This was fun.

Jack and Jaleta showed up later on and we ate a great dinner and continued playing the game til the countdown,. Watched it on the telly and Dick Clark’s show. 4….3…2…1……..


Off to Sammamish.

Worked on letter writing.

Coating the building.

Caulking the East side flashing.


We went up to Rick and Steph’s to watch the UFC 207. Rick, Stephanie, Lucy, Cooper, Rick’s two friends, Brenda, Natalie, Thea and Wyatt were all there as well. Ate well and watched the fights. I liked most of the winners this evening. Nunes beat Rousey to keep her belt.


Off to the jobbie in Sammamish. The end is near so I transferred Bill and Ken over to the siding crew. Elder Brandon and I at the WRB.


Shower, shave and out the door. Natasha and I went down to The Carlile Room just because. Had an okay dinner of four different vegetarian plates there.


Now leaba.




Blah blah and blah

Up and at them.

Headed down to Atlas for supplies. Stopped off at Lake Union to give Brandon a car jump on the way. Picked up the supplies after that and headed to the job.

Got everything laid out and did my usual Monday stuff for the start of the week.

Stopped off to see the dentist to use up the insurance. Had a root canal done.

Had a small dinner.
Realta’s news was broke to the world today. I am being congratulated for being a grandpa.

Bridget O came by for the fifteen minute cup of tea and a biscuit. The chat was great as usual and 150 minutes later we said our goodbyes. I was so happy to see her.

Now maybe a nap or two.

Woke up grand. Lay there wondering if I was a grandfather yet.
Checked the phone with no news.

Had the breakkie. Had some texts from Realta and Steve while later. Realta was relaxing and was at 9cms dilation and would start pushing in the afternoon.

We passed away some more time and then packed up our belongings. Decided we might like to look for property down in this area in the future. Also measured out the cabin to get an idea what we might need if we ever built our own.

We loaded up the car and said goodbye to our wonderful home we had for Christmas 2016.

We drove around the neighborhood on the way out.

Mary called us on the way home to say hello and see how Christmas went for us.

We stopped into Matt and Philippa on the way. Marci was there as well which was a treat.

Chatted away a few hours here and got a text from Realta.

It is official. I am a grandfather. Happy days.

We finish out our visit and make plans for the New Year. Then head out.

At home we unpack and have dinner.


Woke up rested on Christmas morning.

We had the breakkie and passed away the morning.

I sat and wrote the final eight letters I had to write as art of my 12 for the year. Now I will need to get them in the post before years end.

Talked to Realta and Steve on the Facetime. They were doing great and Realta was feeling well with only ten days to go for her due date.

Talked with Angela and Marie back in London on the Facetime as well. They were just done with the Christmas dinner there and a party of 12 in attendance.

Had a message from Mary.

We had lunch and watched a movie we had seen before. “The Queen Of Versailles”

A very interesting story. We did look it up as to what happened in the recent years and it would have made a great part two to this story and needs to be done actually.


I started painting a picture and got into it a bit. Mt first time taken time to paint in years and trying to live up to a resolution for the year.

News of George Michael passing came over the phone.

He will be missed by many for sure.

Time for the Christmas dinner arrived and we had a pile of veggies, spuds and a field roast. For dessert we had bread pudding.

We watched another movie. “Christmas Again”

Not really as good as it should have been for this country. 

Early on in the film we got a text from Realta followed by a Facebook message.

We finished the movie and then watched “A Very Murray Christmas”

this was good.

Had a message or three from Steve before we went to bed letting us know Realta was doing grand and all was well but no Aine at this time.


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