Woke up grand. Lay there wondering if I was a grandfather yet.
Checked the phone with no news.

Had the breakkie. Had some texts from Realta and Steve while later. Realta was relaxing and was at 9cms dilation and would start pushing in the afternoon.

We passed away some more time and then packed up our belongings. Decided we might like to look for property down in this area in the future. Also measured out the cabin to get an idea what we might need if we ever built our own.

We loaded up the car and said goodbye to our wonderful home we had for Christmas 2016.

We drove around the neighborhood on the way out.

Mary called us on the way home to say hello and see how Christmas went for us.

We stopped into Matt and Philippa on the way. Marci was there as well which was a treat.

Chatted away a few hours here and got a text from Realta.

It is official. I am a grandfather. Happy days.

We finish out our visit and make plans for the New Year. Then head out.

At home we unpack and have dinner.