January 2017

Woke up very early.

Headed back to Sammamish for the day. Worked on re-work with metal flashings and door pans.

Stopped off at Greenlake on the way home and ran the lake along with the zoo for a five mile run.

Stopped into the Safeway for supplies.

Made and ate dinner.

Bridget O stopped off for the tea and chat and her great news of an educated life. I am proud of the little girl with a dream.

Now a nap may be in order.


Woke up early and tired.

Headed down to the office very early. Gave Dave a hand delivering to PacMed for Doug H. Got a lot done on the laptop today and got my reimbursements in.

Headed home

Polished the living room furniture. Then put on the shoes and headed out for a run. I had to go over to Sears to look for something so I decided to head over there. Ran over one way and came back a longer way for a grand 9 mile run.

Home and made dinner.

Had a grand parfait from me Natasha.

Now what?

Woke up tired after the eating last night.

Had a wee breakkie. We went through all the piles of old credit cards, driving licenses, business cards and the like. Now we have loads of room in the cupboard.

I went out for a 3.33 mile recovery run while Natasha went to the gym.
Ate lunch ala Natasha.

In the evening we headed down to meet Scott and Kristine in Queen Anne. We went to Teatro ZinZanni to see “Welcome To Wonderland”

It was an alright show tonight. A lot of new faces. Can’t wait to see the new one. Said our goodbyes to our family and headed for home.

Now leaba for the early start tomorrow.

Woke up before 2am. 

Watched a movie. “The Brothers Grimsby”

It was a good bright and early movie.

Passed away the morning and had me running fuel of tea, toast wit PB&J

I headed over to Julie’s and picked her up. We drove on down to the starting line area and went to Starbucks for tea and a biscuit.

then over to the starting line. Met Shannon P there. It was great to see her. Got to meet her good man as well.

We took off together and later on Shannon went off ahead. I relaxed my time with Julie. The run came back to us as we were plodding along thinking about this time two years ago.

Eventually made our way tot he finish and Amado was there with water and croissants for us. The Tukwila to Alki Half Marathon 2017 was over for us.  
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We drove back tom Tukwila and got my car. I said me goodbyes to Julie and Amado. Then off to me Natasha I go. We eat lunch and chat.

In the evening I headed on down to the Living Computer Museum to John McG’s retirement party. I had good dinner and desserts. Then polished off a bag of nuts on the way home. But in the meantime. I went through my usual panic attacks at events like this, however I had some people I got to joke with and hang out with. The evening went well with great speeches and all that. I will be missing brother John but on the up side Troy will be as good and growing to be better even.


Woke up grand

Went to work at Sammamish for half the day. Then headed over to CHC Everett. Repaired a leak on top of the screen wall posts on the roof.


Natasha and I went over to Tengu Sushi for dinner.

Went for a walk around the neighborhood after that.



Down to the office t start out me day. Talked to Marie on the way.
Grabbed the scanner and headed over to UW Fremont and done some scanning for Russel. Met Nicolas there as well.

Back to the office and worked on odds and ends. Drove the dump truck over to the new dump as the others were waiting on rail cars. This took a lot of time. 

I talked to Dave, Frank, Bret, Doug, Tiffany, Katie, Chuck, Christine and Bill at the office this day.

Had a call from Una, herself and Brid may get a chance to come and visit me this year. This made me happy.

At the house I talked to Tony and Chris.

Went to me dentist on the way home and had the cleaning and the like. Sandy called me on the way home from there and we talked until me Natasha came home.

Had dinner and dessert.

Texted with Realta and Jack in the evening. .
Now a nap.

Woke up tired a wee bit.

Back to Sammamish. I went to the foreman meeting and got the final things sorted out. Then I finished all that was ready on the MOB.


I changed and went out for a run right away. Ran down and around the park a couple of times and home for a three mile run or a 3 mile run even.

We headed on downtown and ate a snack at Subway. Then to Starbucks for some drinks and a cliff bar.

Up to the Paramount next to see “The King And I”

It was grand enough.



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