Woke up at 3ish. Watched a movie. “At The End Of A Gun”

I was disappointed at this movie. Everything was against my grain even at the early hour. Paris looked good as always though.

Passed away the morning. Took down the Christmas from the castle.

Headed on down to Lake Forest Park and met with Julie. We ran the Burke Gilman Trail for three miles. We went into Albertsons after for a message and lottery check and purchase. Then into Starbucks for tea and more chat. Left there after a grand old chat.


Lunch and passed away a couple of hours. Then I decided to go out and get a good old run in. I took off and ended up doing seven plus miles.  Had more tea and then got ready to go over to Scott and Christine’s to see the Seahawks game.

We got over and Dude was there with them. We had great food and ate a lot of it. Chrystal showed up later on which was nice as we hadn’t seen her in quite a while. The Seahawks went on to beat The Lions quite well.

Home with a lot of treats thanks to Kristy.

Oh talked to Realta and Aine earlier on in the day which was also nice.

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Now laying in bed with a full tummy and two Tranquil Sleep in the belly.