We chatted to a nice woman from Toronto originally. She now lives in California, close to Réalta in fact. We got another message saying the flight was not going out now until 6am. People were very annoyed at that and let it be known. Security started mingling around. They gave us all kinds of snacks and drinks to calm the nonsense.

We got another update letting us know there was a new plane coming in from Atlanta to pick us up and we would be leaving at 10:15am. More snacks and drinks. Finally we got some food in the morning. Egg wraps from Subway which were warm and nice.

We did get on the plane finally but didn’t get to lift off until 11. Now we are on a Boeing 737 at least operated by Delta. Natasha told me the reporter had talked highly about e to her and how lucky she was to be with me. I watched a movie called “Morgan” and if wasn’t half bad really. Well compared to the crap snacks again which we were being fed onboard again.

We landed in Belize airport. Went through the immigration quickly. Came outside and a fellow was there holding a sign with our name on it. He shuttled us the two hours drive over to San Ignacio and down to the “Midas Resort“. We got room 42 and finally got a place to sleep after the wee longer trip here than normal.

Fell asleep pretty quickly