Woke up early. Packed up the bags a bit.

Then I headed on out for my last run of the time here. I did a three plus mile loopish. Back home and showered. Then went down to the cafe for tea and coffee.

Denny came and picked us up in the Shuttle. He was a nice lad indeed. We chatted the whole two hour drive back into Belize city. He gave us a lot of information about moving or living here. He dropped us to the boat and we said our goodbyes.

Bough the round trip tickets to Caye Caulker on the Ocean Ferry Belize. The crossing went well and took around the 45 minutes. We got off at the pier and walked down to the Colinda Cabanas. We met Juan a fine fellow from the mainland. He gave us a rundown about his life here. A great story and blessed he met Colin. We got the upstairs ocean view cabin. Beautiful.

We went for a walk up town. Went into Errolyns House Of Fry Jacks and we ate our first fry jacks ever. We had one filled with eggs, beans and cheese. It was a grand lunch. Next we walked up through the town and stopped into an Art Gallery. Met a lovely girl there by the name of Aria. We talked about some paintings and one in particular. She gave us the Irish discount but we continued walking along while we thought about it.

We walked up to the Spit and then made our way back down the island to the China Town supermarket. We bought items for dinner here. Then back to the cabanas. I decided to go out for my run again then. I ran up the island and zig zagged back down along and went in to see Aria and bought the painting we had looked at earlier. Then continued running back towards home with the painting rolled up like a baton in my hand. Got the three plus mile run again. Natasha was happy we got the Nelson Young painting.

We relaxed away the evening until we ate the dinner. Then more relaxation and now a nap may be good.