Woke up after about the eight hours sleep.

Watched the sun up on the balcony while the tea went in. Then we headed over to Glenda’s for breakfast. Had the cinnamon roll, eggs, tomato and onion breakfast with cups of tea.

Back to the cabana 1 we went. I put on me shoes and ran down the beach passing many many geckos along the way. Came to a few dead end areas but made my way around over mud land and bridges across the bottom of the island heading west and then back up the Back St all the way up to the spit. Then back down home again heading out to the beach as soon as I could. It was a nice old four and a half mile run.

Once home Natasha and I headed out on the bikes and followed the same route I had ran in the morning. We stopped off in town for the watermelon juice and brought them back to the cabana. We went out and lay in the hammocks for a few hours. I went in for a swim and I read into the book, Island Cross-Talk. We headed back to the cabana and then out the door again.

We rode the bikes all the way up towards The Spit and had lunch at Paradiso Cafe. Veggie sandwiches went in with colas. We cycled back down through town stopping off at the markets looking for items for dinner. China Town Marked it was. Back to the cabins again and we relaxed some more.

I put on the dinner. We ate it later on. Then went for a walk up to the spit and back. The town was quiet along the way. Well quieter than we figured it might have been. Walked back to Cabana 1 and showered the dust and sweat of the day off us.