Woke up relaxed as feck.

Had the breakkie. Then headed out for my run in honor the 44th President of my adopted homeland. I did 4.4 miles with him and my home on my mind. I will post this on Facebook later to shake people up a bit.

Back home I showered for the last time on this island. Did the usual washing of my running clothes in the shower with me. Hung the clothes up on the line. Had a wee post run snack.

We dropped our bags into the office. We met Colin the owner there, such a nice guy. We traded stories of travel and Canada. Then Natasha and I headed up the beach towards the Spit. Sat on a couple of benches for the chat along the way.

Went back to the Colinda to get our bags. Met the good Linda this time, she was nice also. We headed back up the beach and went into Meldy’s for lunch. Ate great veggie burritos there.

Head over to the Ocean Ferry Belize and rode it back to the mainland. Got grabbed by a taxi driver there. He was a go getter. He drove us out to our accommodation for the night. We checked in to the D’nest Inn and chatted with the owners. Got into our room. The taxi driver will come back and get us to the airport in the morning.

After we settled we walked over to the supermarked by the roundabout and grabbed some drinks. It was a well stocked supermarket more like a Fred Meyer.

Passed away the evening and off to bed ZZZZZZZZZZZZz