February 2017

Up early.

Down to pick up the Hilti scanner before 4am. Then off up to PacMed Mill Creek for a day of scanning. Met with Rory there and Doug later on. Scanned 30 locations and headed back to the shop.

finished out the day there and then off home. Stopped into Greenlake for a run. Took in the lake and zoo plus to complete a 5.55 mile run.


Bridget came over for a cuppa and a chat. I was happy to have her visit. Natasha arrived home soon after. We watched a bit of The State Of The Union.

Bridget had to go. We ate dinner later on and then I put on pancakes for dessert since it is Pancake Tuesday after all.



Woke up and the snow fell down.

Headed down to the office to meet with Boco.

Headed over to Sammamish then and worked on the Koster on the L3 level. Finished out the day and was delayed in the traffic as the I-5 was closed down in both directions.


Had dinner and dessert.

Went down to LFP and met with Julie. We went for a 7 mile run down and back the BGT.

Went to Albertsons then and tried our Lotto tickets to no avail. Bought a couple more and one winning one for sure.



Woke up as usual thank god.

Ate a breakkie.

Went out for a run over to Ballard and back until I got ten miles in.

Had a grand lunch ala Natasha.

We watched “The Buddy Holly Story” downstairs.

It was keeping in theme with last nights show and I hadn’t seen this movie since the early 80s. Good as ever it was.

We ate a fabulous dinner ala Natasha and copious amounts of desserts. We watched The Academy Awards in front of the fire downstairs.

Some surprises and some not soo much so but the best movie at the end was a surprise ending to everyone.

Now a nap.

Woke up early.

Watched half a documentary about the Gallagher brothers and Oasis. IT is called Supersonic.

So far so good.

Had the breakkie.

Went out for a wee run later on that ended up being a 10 mile run.

We went down to Whole Foods for lunch and provisions. More provisions on the way back at Safeway.


We went down to Ikea for a few items. They had just opened up the new store in the same location three days now and it was fucking packed. Waited for almost an hour to be directed in to park. We ate dinner and dessert at the café there which was great. Had more desserts on the way out at the other café.

Next drove through a traffic jam to the Musical Playhouse in Tacoma to see “Buddy the Musical”

Took our seats and it started.

A fucking great show that brought me happiness.


Weighed in lighter than before today for a new record.

Headed off to the Sammamish to end the week. Worked on the tower on building one, saddle flashings on bld 7 and door pans as well.


Natasha arrived and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner and then into a movie at Thornton Place. “Get Out”

It was just alright.


Off to the Sammamish.

worked on openings, finishing the L3 south wall and closing up the tie ins on the east and North levels.

Met Sharlet at the Starbucks for the chat. We had a great conversation and Clay came down to see her for a wee bit as well.

We chatted for over four hours. I didn’t realize the time until I was leaving and it was 8pm, I had to buy a egg and cheese sandwich for dinner before I left.
Looking forward to the next visit.


Dessert and now a sleep.

Passed away the  morning as I do. Did hop on the scales to check how I was doing. .I weighed in the lightest I have been in my entire adult life at 155.8 pounds. Feck I best start gaining a wee bit.

Then back to that Sammamish job. Worked on the Koster all day til the end where I got set up for doing the l metal and pans tomorrow.

Got out of there on time with 30 minutes worked over.

Straight home and back out the door ten minutes later when Natasha got home.

We headed on down town and parked. Walked over to Lola for dinner with Marcin and Erika. Had a great meal and chat here for a couple of hours. Then over to the Paramount. We are here to see Rent.

The production moved along well and was worth the watch. Met Anne Marie there as well. Gave the goodbye hugs to our friends before hand.

Headed out after the show was done.


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