Woke up after a few hours and went out for a run. I ran the same road we drove up around last night around Disneyland and back for a five mile run.

Back to the Hyatt and showered off the sweat.

We went over to Coco’s for breakfast and enjoyed the healthy options. After we were done we went back to Hyatt 252 and packed our bags. Headed out and over to see Aine.

We headed on down to Newport Beach and walked around the market and pier. Then down along the waterfront and back. Next we got back in the car and headed over to to see me cousin Jeannie and her husband Tony in Huntington Beach. We got to the house and went inside. Met Tony first and he was truly lovely. He had got a great array of Italian cakes for us. After a while Jeannie appeared and it was a great meeting. I was so happy to finally meet her. She is lovely and put on the tea in the fine china. We ate and drank to our hearts content. The visit came to an end after a few hours and off we went.

We stopped into Von’s on the way back for a few items. Then back to Realta, Aine and Steve’s to watch the start of the Super Bowl. We left there at the half with Atlanta ahead by 28 to 3. Hugs and bye bye’s. We drove back tot he airport and returned the car. Then checked in and was lucky to get on an earlier flight with the flights all being on hold or late because of snow in Seattle. We ate a roasted sandwich at a restaurant in the airport for dinner.

We boarded the 737 operated by Alaska and took off. Talked to a lad named Jon the whole way home. Landed in the snow at SeaTac. Back to our car and off home we go. Another great trip on the books. 

Found out New England came back and won the Super Bowl after we landed.