Woke up after a wee sleep and tired.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Had the breakkie.
Went out to the hot tub for a while and relaxed some more.

Packed up our bags and started the loading of them to the car. We headed out later on and off for Seattle.

Natasha got off at the Corson Michigan exit and dropped me off. I decided to run home from here. It was drizzling the whole way.  My iphone battery dies as well so I continued running without music in the rain.

Got home later on after a couple bathroom stops. It ended up being 12.5 miles. I was happy with that. In home and togged off, then put our clothes in the laundry.

Ate a late lunch when Natasha arrived back from the work/gym visits. 

We watched an older movie at the end of the day “Amelie”

Well we started into it at least for 40 minutes. It was okay enough to that point.

I watched a bit of the Irish Mob type of documentary on the Netflix after.

then in bed I started in on watching “Silence”

Fell asleep on this one too.