Passed away the  morning as I do. Did hop on the scales to check how I was doing. .I weighed in the lightest I have been in my entire adult life at 155.8 pounds. Feck I best start gaining a wee bit.

Then back to that Sammamish job. Worked on the Koster all day til the end where I got set up for doing the l metal and pans tomorrow.

Got out of there on time with 30 minutes worked over.

Straight home and back out the door ten minutes later when Natasha got home.

We headed on down town and parked. Walked over to Lola for dinner with Marcin and Erika. Had a great meal and chat here for a couple of hours. Then over to the Paramount. We are here to see Rent.

The production moved along well and was worth the watch. Met Anne Marie there as well. Gave the goodbye hugs to our friends before hand.

Headed out after the show was done.