Up early and passed away the morning.

To the office and got to a working. Went up to Rapha again dropping off the bike racks and the like. Went across the street for a tea and bagel with Dave and Jamie.

Back tot he shop for odds and ends. Then up to Everett to the door store. Loaded up the doors and brought them back tot he shop.

Went over to see Jocelyne and sign the paper work for the badge.

Stopped off at Safeway on the way home for provisions.

Got the whites out of the laundry and made up the spare room for the kiddos in case they want to stay.

Of course the kids are Realta, Stephen and Aine up from California and stopped in for the visit. Had fun with Aine.

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Annie (Steve’s cousin) came by for the visit. She was a fine girl who has a battle going on with the breast cancer. What a beautiful sweet girl.

Passed away the evening after they left with desserts and the like

Now a nap