Went to bed just before one am.

Woke up a few hours later. Headed off to Sammamish once ready.

Safety meeting and then some flashing and electrical pipe penetrations to close up.

Had to head to the airport to get my badge upgraded. It was a long process with no success until I come back tomorrow. 


Went out for a four mile run. Speaking about run. Here is my official time from the Redmond Watershed Half on Saturday.

I came in 29th out of 107 people. Not too shabby for an auld goat.

A couple of photos I knicked.

Here in the news about the dead man laying peaceful on the 5 yesterday when we were on the way to Canada.

Thea came by to spend the evening with us this day. I made dinner for us and we had a good talk. Ate dessert as well of course. She is staying the night.

Now a nap too make up from last night.