Passed away the morning as one does.

Headed to the office to get us ready for the building investigation tomorrow. Met in the conference room with Daniel, Bret, Loren, Tiffany, Mike H, Cuck and Tricia. We got everything sorted out for the job.

I got the tie ins onto the roof cable and moved the lift into a better position. I got power strung out so we could have it handy if we needed it. Chuck and I went through some additional work that should be done to keep the building water tight.

I printed out a sign for the kitchen door, OSHA lift safety and the photos of the three areas needing to be removed. Went to Home Depot to get a few items that we will use in the investigation.

I got a call from Andy in the morning at 10 wondering if it was possible that I could marry them later this day. I said YES as long as all went along as planned. We met up at 4:30 pm in Factoria. Met his wife to be Erica for the first time. Also a truly lovely person. Soon after his mum Carmen showed up and then followed by her cousin Claudia and her husband Jeremy and their son David.

We drove over to Robinswood park and stood by the pond. I did the ceremony and pronounced them husband and wife. I was as happy as they were on this day. Glad I could help my brother.

We said our goodbyes and headed our different directions once we were all done and back to Factoria.


Had dessert.

We watched the season opener of Sherlock Season 4.

So far it is good and we will have two more episodes to watch in this Series to finish the season.

I got a message on Facebook from Kate back in Ireland earlier.

It was nice to hear from her and I answered her back.

Now I will nap.