Up after a good nights sleep.

Headed off tot he new project and got there on time. A later start this day. Met with Butch at his house. The ServiceMaster showed up and the two lads went to work on removing the drywall and insulation off the ceiling and wall in the bedroom. 

I climbed up on the roof and searched for the area where the water was coming in. Everything looked alright. I continued checking in with the lads. Once they were done I got to go up into the attic and looked all around. Could see where water had been coming in before but no signs of any new water. We need to do a hose test up here.

I cleaned up and had an hour to kill before my next appointment. I headed on down to a park I had seen on maps that was a short drive away. It is called North Creek Park.  I parked and went for a run up and down along the boardwalk and up the streets. Then back and ran the boardwalk both ways again with the other street. Got done with a strong 6 mile run and headed back to the job.

Met with the home owner and I climbed up in his attic. There was no sign of water in this one. I crawled around up there for a while and finally went outside. I climbed up on the roof and didn’t see anything of real concern there either. Well except a cap on the drain vent that might be a suspect. I will have to repair that tomorrow.

Headed out of there well after 4pm and headed towards home. Stopped into Fred Meyer for the supplies. I was heading out and saw Grainne driving in to the lot. I drove around and we chatted for a while. She is in good form and it was good to see her.


Ate the dinner and then dessert while we watched The Damned – Don’t You Wish We Were Dead.

It was good and interesting We will be more ready for the concert coming up in less than two weeks.

Now me sleep.