April 2017

Woke up early of course. When Natasha woke up I wished her the happy birthday of course.
I had some Two Leaves organic breakfast tea that the Ocean Grand Pacific provided. That and a Cliff bar I bought last night for me carbs before the run.

Passed away the hours and headed on down to the starting line of the TC10K.

Waited in the cold and off we go. I ran a fast 10K and loved all the competition in this race. The wind co I g around the bay blew us backwards for a while but I still finished in 46:22 which is my fastest 10K to date. Got my swag and headed back to me Natasha and was home just over an hour after I had left. 

My results are in.

I hopped into the shower. Then packed up me bag. We made our way down to the lobby and dropped our bags into the bag check. We walked down to the James Bay Inn for the brunch.

Got a seat and was served by a grand student who was off for the summer break now. She did a bad job at the service and I was glad that she would never make a good waitress. She is doing everything correct with her education. We left there full.

Walked over to Thrifty Foods for Natasha’s birthday cake. It took us a while but we got a Mocha Cake. Then headed over to Beacon Hill Park to celebrate with the cake. Sat on a bench by the stone bridge and enjoyed it while taking in all ye beauty around us. We walked around the park seeing the peacocks roaming wild. Saw the Burns Monument, the bridge of Emily Carr, the petting zoo, Beacon Hill lookout, the lakes and fountains, the flowers and the happy faces walking around. Our time here ended and we headed out of the park.

We walked up town shopping for stuff. We bought old plates to make high tea serving towers. Walked through the narrowest alley in the world again of course. Went through the markets and finally ended up at Darcy’s Pub for dinner. Ate a grand enough meal here served by a grand enough girl.

We headed over to the Clipper after we picked up our bags at the hotel and headed back to Seattle. The ride home went quick. Got into the car and headed back to the castle. Went to bed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Woke up very early of course. Headed downtown a few hours later and parked in a garage. We walked over to Pier 69 and boarded the Victoria Clipper to go up to Victoria. Had a cuppa tea and a Cliff bar for breakfast on the way up. We sat with a nice couple from Chicago named Jack and Linda. They were a grand couple and will marry next year. Also at our table we’re two little grime friends from college going up for one of their 30th birthday. One from Alaska/California and the other from Seattle/Portland.

We arrived into Victoria and got off the boat. Walked across and checked I to the Hotel Grand Pacific. The room was already ready and she let us in to it. 733. We left our bags there and headed up to Chinatown.

We went into the Venus Sophia Tea Room for the afternoon tea. We had a grand triple plate of food each with a grand tea. Left there feeling full and stopped into La Tana for a hand pie. Then into 7-11 for another tea and snacks.

We walked around the town heading back towards the Grand Pacific. Saw a sign for a 10k that is on here tomorrow. I figured why not so we went to the expo and signed up. I got me tee shirt and number. Finally back to 733 and rested up a wee bit.


We walked I we to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Good carbs that I may need for the run tomorrow.

We walked on over to the Langham Court Theatre to see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the play. Had another tea and a cookie there.

The play was well done but we were tired and headed back to the room at the end of the night.


Up and at them after a great nights sleep.

Back to the Princess Anne. Worked like a mad man with the building wrap removal. Kent came out and we loaded up the garbage and supplies to be taken away from the job. Finished later than planned.


Natasha arrived and we went over to Tengu Sushi for dinner. I ran down around the park and home for a three plus mile jaunt.

Packed up a travel bag a little for our trip tomorrow. Ate lots of desert and now maybe a good time to sleep.

Woke up at the 2am hour.

Headed off to work 4.5 hours later.

Today I demobed a lot of the tools that we were done with at the Princess Anne. Installed trim and painted all on the soffits.

Home Depot for supplies.

Stopped in at the lake and ran the nine mile Natasha Staton Loop. Natasha and I ran this together back when we started running first. I always think about the good woman as I run here.

Home and put on the dinner. Ate like a champ and then had a grand couple of desserts. Fell asleep watching a movie so came to bed here.

Now what?

Up at 3.
Usual morning passer of time things done.

Dropped Natasha’s forgotten shake off to her and then popped into Home depot for a few items.

To the Princess Anne apts. Let the lads get started in on the top coating of the walkways.

Scott me old brother from another mother came by to visit me today which was a treat. We chatted for a while and we went over to the Australian Pie Company for our lunch and dined on veggie pies, cookies and cups of tea. It was a lovely visit and as always love his humor.

Finished out the day with a 90 minute overage. Traffic was slow on the way home.

In the door, change into a pants and shirt. Out the door again with the good Natasha. We went over to Gordito’s on 85th for dinner.

Then headed across the road to the Taproot Theater to see the play Evidence Of Unseen Things.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, camera and text

We stopped in for a cuppa at the cafe there. Ate a bar fo white Lindt chocolate for dessert.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink and indoor

Took our seats and the play begun. Well feck it was well written, directed and performed. Well worth a watch on the midweek night.


Up and at them. Headed to the office early. Took the dump truck and picked up the 1X3 and other items at Home Depot. Went to the job and then Dunn Lumber. Returned the truck. Then went to Atlas followed by Grainger.

Back to the job and installed the one by on the south building and started priming the soffit after that. Another ten hour day.

Stopped off at Greenlake and took a five plus mile run arose and the lake and zoo.

Home. Made dinner and dessert. Watched more of the Office on the tv.

Now maybe an nap.

Woke early.

Down to the Princess Anne again. Met Benjamin, Jorge and Carlos from the waterproofing company there. I put them through the job orientation before they started working.

Put in the overtime. Headed home in the alright traffic.

Dinner and dessert.

Went over to LFP and ran five miles along the BGT with Julie.



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