Up and at them.

Headed over to the shop and got a 12 foot ladder. Took that over to New Seasons Mercer Island. Met Kent there. We did a repair where the garbage truck hit the building.

Back to the office when we were done. I got the stuff ready for the wall repair around the leaky windows. Then headed off for home.

Stopped into Greenlake and ran the five plus miles around the lake and zoo. It was lovely day today with the sun beaming down. The down side which was actually an upside was that the lake was packed with people out enjoying the sun and looking for a healthier life.

Went to PCC for the Tranquil Sleep. Then Costco for the provisions.


Made me dinner. Then we had desserts while looking into a new to us show called Big Little Lies.

We watched two episodes and so far it is interesting.

Now leaba.