Up and at them.
Headed over to the Eastgate job. Met Bill B there. Then Chad showed up. Chad got marking out the parking for the job. Bill and I got up into the canopy to see where the drain pipes went into the building and out.

Next we went over to the T&C Market in Lakemont. Chad and I removed all our material and left over items off the roof and above the freezer. We patched up the missing plywood and removed the plastic off the walls. Cleaned up and moved all the garbage over by the dumpsters.


Got to talk to my long time friend Kate O back in Ireland today. She was in great form and it has been almost 20 years of so since we talked last. It was like we took off where we left it back then. I got to learn quite a bit from her life that she managed to keep quiet about for over thirty years to me.

I made the dinner and went out for me run after I ate it. Ran down to the park and around for a three miler local run.  I had Realta in my ears all during the run which was lovely.

Natasha was home when I got back and she bought green (Irish) flowers and a carrot cake cheese cake for our 21st year wedding anniversary which is tomorrow.

We ate the cake while we finished the movie Horrible Bosses 2.

It was well worth a look for a shite movie.

Realta mentioned a tv show on Amazon that we should watch earlier so we put it on. Sneaky Pete.

So far it is not too bad after one episode.


Nap time now.