Up early and passed the hours before going to work.

Back to the Princess today. Joey, Marvin and Bill S all there. Worked on installing the soffit on the South building. Then finished removing the marblecrete. Installed the plywood on the base where the marblecrete was removed off the building.

Finished out the day and headed over to Fairview for the LEEDS Presentation. Parked and changed into my running clothes. Headed out for a four mile run around the place.  Back to the car and changed into a new shirt and pants.

Then walked over to the Mirabella. Met Ken B. from BASF at the sign in counter. We chatted our way up the elevator. Got our dinner and sat down. Met a lot of new people and some people I already knew. Brandon showed up as well.

The presentation went well and was full of information. Looked at another new way to do the building envelope there as well. Tea and dessert again before I headed out.


Had the anniversary  cheesecake for another dessert while I chatted to me Natasha.

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