Up at 3.
Usual morning passer of time things done.

Dropped Natasha’s forgotten shake off to her and then popped into Home depot for a few items.

To the Princess Anne apts. Let the lads get started in on the top coating of the walkways.

Scott me old brother from another mother came by to visit me today which was a treat. We chatted for a while and we went over to the Australian Pie Company for our lunch and dined on veggie pies, cookies and cups of tea. It was a lovely visit and as always love his humor.

Finished out the day with a 90 minute overage. Traffic was slow on the way home.

In the door, change into a pants and shirt. Out the door again with the good Natasha. We went over to Gordito’s on 85th for dinner.

Then headed across the road to the Taproot Theater to see the play Evidence Of Unseen Things.

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We stopped in for a cuppa at the cafe there. Ate a bar fo white Lindt chocolate for dessert.

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Took our seats and the play begun. Well feck it was well written, directed and performed. Well worth a watch on the midweek night.