Woke up early of course. When Natasha woke up I wished her the happy birthday of course.
I had some Two Leaves organic breakfast tea that the Ocean Grand Pacific provided. That and a Cliff bar I bought last night for me carbs before the run.

Passed away the hours and headed on down to the starting line of the TC10K.

Waited in the cold and off we go. I ran a fast 10K and loved all the competition in this race. The wind co I g around the bay blew us backwards for a while but I still finished in 46:22 which is my fastest 10K to date. Got my swag and headed back to me Natasha and was home just over an hour after I had left. 

My results are in.

I hopped into the shower. Then packed up me bag. We made our way down to the lobby and dropped our bags into the bag check. We walked down to the James Bay Inn for the brunch.

Got a seat and was served by a grand student who was off for the summer break now. She did a bad job at the service and I was glad that she would never make a good waitress. She is doing everything correct with her education. We left there full.

Walked over to Thrifty Foods for Natasha’s birthday cake. It took us a while but we got a Mocha Cake. Then headed over to Beacon Hill Park to celebrate with the cake. Sat on a bench by the stone bridge and enjoyed it while taking in all ye beauty around us. We walked around the park seeing the peacocks roaming wild. Saw the Burns Monument, the bridge of Emily Carr, the petting zoo, Beacon Hill lookout, the lakes and fountains, the flowers and the happy faces walking around. Our time here ended and we headed out of the park.

We walked up town shopping for stuff. We bought old plates to make high tea serving towers. Walked through the narrowest alley in the world again of course. Went through the markets and finally ended up at Darcy’s Pub for dinner. Ate a grand enough meal here served by a grand enough girl.

We headed over to the Clipper after we picked up our bags at the hotel and headed back to Seattle. The ride home went quick. Got into the car and headed back to the castle. Went to bed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.