May 2017

Up early after little sleep. Passed away the morning. Then headed for the shop. Met with Chuck, Jerome, and Matt there. I took Matt with me in the Flex car and we went to Factoria village.

I had the lads do some scans on the floor there and do the imagescans to learn that some more. Headed over to Sammamish after. Bret made it to this class. Did more scanning there.

Chuck took us out to MOD Pizza for lunch. Then back and finished out the day on the job there. Stopped at the Home Depot on the way to pick up some more odds and ends for the scanning box of goodies.


Bridget O came by with good news of her graduation and have a wee tea with soda bread I had made yesterday.  We had a grand chat and I am proud as punch of her achievements. Natasha arrived so we had to leave.

We drove down to Burien and into Smarty Pants for dinner. Matt and Philippa, Scott and Kristine all showed up. We ate a grand dinner and made plans to climb Mount Saint Helen’s in a few weeks. I enjoyed the night. Bye byes and off home we all go.

Now a nap.


Up and at them.

Headed over to the Factoria Village for the day o’labor. Worked on making the wood pieces above the door go away with 795. Had to go to Atlas and buy more 795 and a few other items to give to Jerome tomorrow so he could finish the job.


Natasha arrived home and we headed on downtown. Parked and went to Kells for dinner. Met the good Karen there. We chatted for a good while. Later on Julie and Amado arrived and we ate dinner. Headed up to the Moore after that.

Took our seats. Tonight we are here to see the legendary Rodriguez in concert.

Arum Gray was the opening act. She did her thing. He came on after and did his thing. I was hoping for a better show but either way it was good to see him in concert.

Bye bye to Julie and Amado after the show and off home we go.

Woke up fecked from all the eating last night.

Had the breakkie and passed away a few hours. We headed out after a while more then. The drive down went well, crossed the border back home in less than a minute.

Another grand trip to Whistler under our belts.



Passed away the evening doing odds and ends.
We watched a movie while having dinner and dessert by Natasha. A Good Man.

It wasn’t so bad at all.


Bed before midnight.

Woke up early like I do.

Had the breakkie. I drove down to Function Junction and turned left into find the Train Wreck Trail. Parked and went in for a run. Found it after crossing the bridge. Took a pile of photos and headed back out.

Continues running until I racked up a three mile run. Back to the car and then back to 20. Natasha and I headed out for a walk up through town and then went looking for a trail that Natasha can do next week when we are here. We finally found it.

Then headed down and had lunch at the Dubh Linn Gate for our lunch. Ate a grand meal and met a grand lad from Glasgow and a fellow from Cork.

Walked back down to the IGA and got an item or two.Then headed home. That was five miles of walking.  

Robert came over after a while for the company meeting with Natasha. I went out and ran around Lost Lake and the Village for another five miles today.


Natasha and I headed out and went to GnarlyRoots Pizza for dinner. Then went up town for a walk. Stopped off at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard on the way back.


Relaxed the evening away.

Woke up early and got up. Passed away many hours until time for me bread and tea.

I headed out on me run. I ran down looking for the Train Wreck Trail but couldn’t find it then ran back on the Valley Trail home for a 14 plus mile run.

Back home and showered away the morning off my body. Tea and a wee snack. We headed on over to Dub’s for a burrito. Then headed up town doing the usual stop offs along the way. Bumped into Charnel along the way. A small world.  

Back home and relaxed. Finally met Robert, Nelly, Emma and Ben. We headed over to the lifts while Nelly stayed back home with Echo the puppy.

We rode the lift up Whistler and then the Peak To Peak across to Blackcomb. Then back across and down again. About a three hour roundtrip day.

Robert and I headed on down to Nita Lake to take Echo for a walk. Ended up going to Alpha Lake since they had a leash free dog area. She took off playing with other dos like a young kid. She swam for a while as well. Then time to head back home.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

We met up again a few minutes later and we headed up to 21 Steps for the company dinner. A very good meal all round. Had fun here. A great fellow from Ontario was our waiter. Headed back through the village for the trip home.

Now a nap.

Up early again. Passed the morning.

Headed down tot he shop and got some brooms. Then back to Alki. Worked like a mad man finishing the caulking and cleaning up. Got off early and headed out once I was done. Back home in just over five hours.

Packed and headed out the door again as soon as Natasha arrived. We loaded u the car and headed off up the I-5 for Canada. Crossed the border very quick thanks to Nexis.

Stopped off at Squamish for lunch at the White Spot.

Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 person

Then headed on up into Whistler. Went into the Stony Creek Sunpath condo number 20. Parked the car in the garage.

Headed over to the Olympic Park and got a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Then into the IGA for supplies. Back to 20 and I baked Guinness soda bread. We ate dinner and passed away the evening relaxing.

Up and at them.

Headed back to Alki. Today I caulked the joints in the slab and started in on the base of the walls. Talked with me new buddy Ron the manager of the property.
The good girl from Minnesota drove up in her truck (New York Work Horse) and we chatted for a while. She is real nice and friendly.

I finished up and headed out.

Natasha arrived and we headed on down to Queen Anne. Went over to the Blue Water Taco Grill for dinner. Then into the REP to see David Byrne’s Here Lies Love.
All I can say is WOW. A well done show all round.
Left there feeling good and happy.


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