Off to the job this day. Today a new one. Harmony in Bellevue.

Drove over and waited for the Billy Boys to show up and remove the siding. They showed up a couple of hours later and I told them what we were after. They removed the siding and some of the trim around the windows. I found where thee had been some water making it’s way inside the building. I met with the lovely homeowners and went through what we were doing there.

Packed up at the end of the day and  headed back to the office. Hoped to meet Ron there and he was out of the office in Oregon. Talked with Leanne for a moment Put stuff away in our lockup. Daniel wasn’t.t there when I went to see him.  The good Tif told me her good news of her and the Irish Paddy 4 Patrick.


Natasha arrived back and I colored her hair after dinner. Then I headed out to meet Julie. We ran on down along the BGT for 6.7 miles. Had a good chat along the way as usual but with a more private inclusion this evening,

Got home late. Bed right away.