Off to the Harmony after a few hours of lazing the maidin away.

The boys showed up hours after me. I showed Jose and Cruz how I wanted the building put back together. They worked on that for a few hours. Called Ron to set up a time I can chat about my exit interview.

Headed back to t he office a wee later. Took my laptop into Joel and he got it up and running. I went over and talked with Daniel for a while.

Chatted to Dave and Leanne before I left.

Got home and planned on going for a run but instead I took to drilling out the 12 plates and putting the metal in them to make the tea servers. .This took a bit of time to drill out so I ran out of time for me run.

Natasha came home and we went up to Enat for dinner. It had been a while since we were here. The dinner was good as usual. Stopped into QFC on the way home.

Dessert and The Office to end the evening out.

Now a nap would be good.