Up just after 2am. I baked some soda bread with Guinness in it. Passed away the morning for many hours before heading out to work. Got to the job before 7am. Valentino and Cruz there today to do the work.

Set them up. I got to go over and investigate a broken window in another unit. I talked to the home owner there. Martina from Italy. A sweet girl. I made some measurements and headed out.

We finished out the day well. Headed home. I had planned on gong for a run but didn’t. Feck.

Natasha is off with the girls so I was the bachelor for the evening. I made me dinner and ate many many desserts as I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby.

It wasn’t so bad at all. I kept talking to Natasha on the other couch and realizing she wasn’t there at all. Started into another movie before Natasha arrived back. 

Went to bed and watched the Nike trying to break a marathon record. They started with three runners all trying to break the two hours in a marathon. They are now down to one runner as I am watching it live. Eliud Kipchoge and he is going strong.

Now I will wait til the end to get the finish time. We are going to have a new marathon world record tonight at least.

He crossed the finishing line at 2:00:25. A great achievement indeed.