Up and at them. I headed off over to the Harmony for the day o labor. Jose $ Pepe and Cruz were there. They got the siding back on the upper part for the day.

I had to leave for my 1pm meeting with Ron. We met in his office and he truly is a great guy. Our conversation was very good and calm with the matter of facts out out there. We talked about what we foresaw. He gave me what he could do right now for me and I gave him what I needed to remain with the company. We left it at I am going to retire but he will bounce some stuff of the other people.

I headed back to the job and finished out the day with the lads. Got out of there right on time. I had planned to stop at the lake for a run but missed my turn off by totally forgetting about it.


Ate me dinner and desserts. Finished off a movie I had started a few nights ago. A Few Best Men.

Utter shite but worth a watch.

Went to the Sleeeepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz