Up early as usual.

Passed away the morning as one does. Finally headed out and down to the west side of I-90. I parked got out and then started me run. I ran across the bridge to Mercer Island and then ran around the island until I came back tot he bridge, then crossed it back to the car. Had a grand old 18 mile loop this day.


Showered and headed back out and over to Azteca and met with Meredith, Bridget and Brian there. Had some snacks and then we headed on over to the bus. Said our goodbyes to Brian and then we headed down down on the 41 to the Chinatown Station.

Walked outside and over to Century Link Field. We lined up and went inside. Tonight we are here to see the 30th Anniversary tour of The Joshua Tree album by the greatest band in the world U2.

We got our seats and waited. Ate dinner here also. Mumford And Sons came on and played a grand gig. They are better each time I see them. Then the wait for the U2.

Larry walked from the main stage after a recording of The Pogues Rainy Night In Soho played over the sound system. He made his way down the ramp and sat at a drum kit that was there. Then he started into the drum beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Fecking brilliant. My Irish heart was proud and the celtic blood of my 80s came alive. The Edge comes down the ramp with his familiar guitar sound to the song. Bono came down singing the opening lyrics followed by Adam on bass. They played a few more songs here before they headed back up to the main stage where they played The Joshua Tree Album complete.

For the last song Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam came on stage to sing with them followed by Mumford and Sons.

A grand ending to the show.

They left the stage and came back on for a nice long encore. This concert will stand out in my mind as being one of the best U2 concerts I have seen in my life.

This is the set list of the night as it happened.

Intro – (The Pogues – A Rainy Night In Soho)
1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. New Year’s Day
3. A Sort of Homecoming  (with "America" snippet)
4. Bad  (Tour debut, with "America" snippet)
5. Pride (In the Name of Love)

The Joshua Tree
6. Where the Streets Have No Name  (with "California (There Is No End To Love)
7. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
8. With or Without You
9. Bullet the Blue Sky
10. Running to Stand Still
11. Red Hill Mining Town
12.  In God’s Country
13. Trip Through Your Wires
14. One Tree Hill
15. Exit  (with "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" snippet)
16. Mothers of the Disappeared  (with Eddie Vedder ) (also with
Mumford & Sons)

17. Beautiful Day (with "Love, Reign O’er Me" snippet.)
18. Elevation
19. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (dedicated to women’s rights activists)
20. One ((dedicated to David Wojnarowicz)

Encore 2:
21. Miss Sarajevo (Passengers cover) (with "The New Colossus " snippet.)
22. The Little Things That Give You Away
23. I Will Follow (Tour debut)

What a fecking night. Great. We exited the building where we came in and took the bus back to Northgate.