Up after a wee nap.
Headed on down to the FAA job this morning and installed some door liquid door pans. Will have to come back another day to finish them as the sparkies needed space for the bigger door.

Back to the office. Picked up the scanner and headed to Century Link. Good to see the place after the concert here last night. I scanned in the suite we are working on at the moment and marked the floor.

Back to the office and worked on filling out the paperwork for the job tomorrow. Met with Ron in the evening and everything went as planned. I will get to retire from my working life on June 1st.

Headed home.

Natasha arrived and we had dinner. Then the dessert as we watched a movie on Netflix called Be Somebody.

It was shite really but had to watch it to the end to see what happened.

Maybe a nap will follow now.