Passed away the morning before Bridget came by. We headed on over to West Seattle for a run. This was a happy moment for me getting us back together for an early morning run.

We met Olivia at the Alki Beach Park and Bill was running down along the beach. We took off down along the waterfront just past Saltys and then turned around and went back just past where we started to get a five mile run in.
We stopped into Starbucks for the tea and snack after we were done. Then time for the goodbyes and off home we go.

Natasha and I went up to Cinebarre for lunch and to see Alien Covenant

We had the veggie pizza and the movie was real good. Looking forward to a follow up.

Stopped into Costco after it was over. Then the law office to drop off some stuff. Then home.

Had dinner and watched The Girl With All The Gifts along with desserts.

It was an alright enough movie that ended just okay.

Now a nap maybe.