Up and passed the morning away.
To the office before 6am. Got the scanner and headed out. Before I headed out I met Olivia and she had her running shoes. Great.

I went own to the FAA building and met with me four students. Bret, Kent, Matt and Jerome. We scanned on the pan decking, the slab and the like for a few hours. Then we headed out and down to Hilltop. Scanned in the parking garage there for a few hours. I felt comfortable letting these lads go out and do a scan on their own now. Said our goodbyes and we were done. Dropped Kent off at the FAA and I continued on up to the office.

Cleaned and dropped the scanner off in our room. Then went and had a cuppa. Olivia came out and we drove over to West Seattle. Parked and ran 3 miles along the beach road sidewalk. Back to the office when we were done. Bye bye and I headed off home.

Dinner and dessert and dessert.

Now a nap.