Woke up early and got up. Passed away many hours until time for me bread and tea.

I headed out on me run. I ran down looking for the Train Wreck Trail but couldn’t find it then ran back on the Valley Trail home for a 14 plus mile run.

Back home and showered away the morning off my body. Tea and a wee snack. We headed on over to Dub’s for a burrito. Then headed up town doing the usual stop offs along the way. Bumped into Charnel along the way. A small world.  

Back home and relaxed. Finally met Robert, Nelly, Emma and Ben. We headed over to the lifts while Nelly stayed back home with Echo the puppy.

We rode the lift up Whistler and then the Peak To Peak across to Blackcomb. Then back across and down again. About a three hour roundtrip day.

Robert and I headed on down to Nita Lake to take Echo for a walk. Ended up going to Alpha Lake since they had a leash free dog area. She took off playing with other dos like a young kid. She swam for a while as well. Then time to head back home.

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We met up again a few minutes later and we headed up to 21 Steps for the company dinner. A very good meal all round. Had fun here. A great fellow from Ontario was our waiter. Headed back through the village for the trip home.

Now a nap.