Up and at them.

Headed over to the Factoria Village for the day o’labor. Worked on making the wood pieces above the door go away with 795. Had to go to Atlas and buy more 795 and a few other items to give to Jerome tomorrow so he could finish the job.


Natasha arrived home and we headed on downtown. Parked and went to Kells for dinner. Met the good Karen there. We chatted for a good while. Later on Julie and Amado arrived and we ate dinner. Headed up to the Moore after that.

Took our seats. Tonight we are here to see the legendary Rodriguez in concert.

Arum Gray was the opening act. She did her thing. He came on after and did his thing. I was hoping for a better show but either way it was good to see him in concert.

Bye bye to Julie and Amado after the show and off home we go.