Up early after little sleep. Passed away the morning. Then headed for the shop. Met with Chuck, Jerome, and Matt there. I took Matt with me in the Flex car and we went to Factoria village.

I had the lads do some scans on the floor there and do the imagescans to learn that some more. Headed over to Sammamish after. Bret made it to this class. Did more scanning there.

Chuck took us out to MOD Pizza for lunch. Then back and finished out the day on the job there. Stopped at the Home Depot on the way to pick up some more odds and ends for the scanning box of goodies.


Bridget O came by with good news of her graduation and have a wee tea with soda bread I had made yesterday.  We had a grand chat and I am proud as punch of her achievements. Natasha arrived so we had to leave.

We drove down to Burien and into Smarty Pants for dinner. Matt and Philippa, Scott and Kristine all showed up. We ate a grand dinner and made plans to climb Mount Saint Helen’s in a few weeks. I enjoyed the night. Bye byes and off home we all go.

Now a nap.