June 2017

Up in the 3am hour.

Headed on down to Renton and met up with Olivia. We went on a 7 mile run down along the Cedar River Trail and back. It went great and she did fabulous.

Bye bye and headed home. Had the breakkie. Passed away the morning. Took lunch and drinks up to Natasha and then headed to Costco.  Bought a few items here along with my own lunch.


Natasha arrived and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Then had the dessert at home while the evening passed away.

Now leaba

Woke early.
Headed down to Gasworks Park to meet Bridget for a run. We met and ran the Lake Union Loop for a 6 plus miler. Had a great chat as usual along the way. Said our goodbyes and headed off.

I went home and had breakfast. I did the laundry. I started in on cleaning the grout on the kitchen counter tops. Then I removed the old doors off the bedrooms. Drilled out the new glass ones and cut out the hinges on all three. Then hung them up.

Natasha came home and I made dinner. We went through our lists for Banff. Had dessert and passed the evening away.

Woke up early and passed away the day.

We went over to the Law Office for a wee bit. Then headed on down to Mod Pizza for lunch.

Back home and we watched a movie later on downstairs in the cooler climate. Life.

Feck, this one was good.

Was meant to go running today with Olivia but we didn’t get around to it.

Passed away the evening and now I lay in bed

Woke up before the alarm that went off at 3:45am.
Scott and Kristine were out and about. Made great pancakes for breakfast. Matt and Philippa got up and we all got the day started. Loaded up what we might need in the bags for the day and headed out.

We walked through the tree line.

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Came through into the clearing in a while. Could see the mountain in front of us now.

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We continued on hiking and went up along the snow. Used our ice axes along here and pretty much for the rest of the day.

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We stopped off along the way for snacks and meals. I built a dolmen in memory of my friend Theresa Hubbard. God be good to this lovely woman.
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Kristine decided soon after this point she had enough of the trip. She rested on the rock pile as the rest of us went on.

I broke away from the group and continued up at my own pace and reached the summit after a good leg burn hike up.

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It was truly a great view of al the mountains that could be seen all around us. Rainier, Adams, Shasta, Bachelor and Hood.

I sat and dined here looking back down from where we came. An hour later Matt and Philippa summited. They said Natasha was weary of the open air areas coming up and went back down to Kristine. Scott took her down.

We chatted at the summit for a while and then went over to have a look down into the lava dome.

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I then headed back over and jumped into a snow chute and rode the whole way back to the gang on the rocks. Kristine gave me some cream filled puffs that she had brought up in a cooler. Delicious. Ate some more here. Matt and Philippa came sliding in about an hour later.

Then we all got ready and slid all the way down to the open area before the trees. So approx. about 50% of the journey. Here we packed the ice axes in our packs and walked back out to the trail head.

This was truly a great hike and probably our big one for the year. We had snacks galore and chatted for a while. Then we headed out. Natasha and I stopped in Kelso and had dinner at Taco Time. Then I drove the rest of the way home. Arrived at our castle right before midnight.

Up and at them as usual.
Today I took the Subaru in to be washed. .Then to the store to get the provisions for the trip later today.

In the afternoon me Natasha arrived home and we packed food and gear into the car. Headed off on the slowest I-5 south traffic I think I might have ever seen.

Stopped off in Chehalis to the Subway for a sambo on the way. Then headed on down to the Sno-Park at Marble Mountain to camp the night here before the hike.

Matt and Philippa showed up later on. We all got our places of sleeping sorted out inside the vehicles and lights out.


Up as usual.
Passed away the morning as I do.

Later on I went for a run up to Carter on Aurora and 175th to pick up the car. It was 5.5 miles.

Next I headed on up to the outlet stores in Tulalip. Searched Eddie Bauer, North Face and Columbia looking for hiking back packs. None that would work at either stores. I headed out and stopped into McDonalds for a Reese’s Blizzard.

Ate the blizzard as I was driving down the road. I decided to stop into Cabela’s to look at their bags. Ended up buying a 40 liter back pack and then headed for home.

Natasha arrived and we went straight out for dinner. Tonight we went back to the sushi place in the U-District. We had gone before to this place when Cynthia was visiting a few years back. It is called Musashi’s. We ate a fine meal and headed out.

Back home we started to get stuff ready for our trip at the weekend. Then had dessert. Finished out the night doing noting much at all.


Woke up before 3am.
Passed away the morning before heading down to Renton to meet Olivia. Got there before 4 and we met up and went for our run. We had a grand chat and ran 5 miles down and back the Cedar River Trail. Today is her birthday to go with the Solstice.

Came home and chatted with the Natasha before she went to work. Had breakkie. Talked with Raven on the phone for a good while. First chat in years and it felt like we had just talked yesterday.

Bridget P came by to see me as well which made me smile. Tea and a chat followed. Always nice.

I then chatted to Teady Connolly on the Skype for a couple of hours. Hadn’t talked to him in many years either. We had a great chat and I felt good after that. My reclusive ways were all opened up today.

We went over to Gordito’s for dinner. Then over to Chocolati for dessert. Then into the Taproot Theater to see Busman’s Honeymoon.

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While the play was good I was falling asleep from the lack of sleep last night.

We headed home and the night was over.

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