Woke up after a good sleep.
Packed up and went downstairs. Had tea and more soda bread. Then headed out before anyone woke up. We drove on down the road and got to the Law Office before 10am. I met Julie down at LFP and we went for a run.

We ran on down the BGT and back for a three mile run. Had a grand chat and made plans along the way. Then went shopping afterwards at the Albertsons. Got the lotto tickets and headed out. I drove back up to Natasha and we went to Cinebarre to see a movie. Wonder Woman.

It was good but I was tired.

Headed home after it was over. We had dinner and watched a movie on Netflix. I think it was called A New High. It was about recovering addicts getting sober/clean and climbing Mount Rainier. A good one.

Now a nap.