Up and at them.

I brought Natasha to work this morning and then came home to Realta and Aine. I made Realta waffles.

As the morning went along Realta made more bread. She is getting good at it now in her two recent tries. I fed the Aine her breakfast.
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Then I dropped them over to Sinead and then I stopped into Fred Meyer’s for a few provisions.

I made bread at home and passed away the rest of the day. Made up a picnic box of food. Then headed up to get Natasha. We headed on over to Marymoor Park. We went inside and took our seats on the hill.

We made and ate our dinner there. Chuck and Mark were there also. Soon after we were joined by Matt, Philippa, Marci ad Cara. The concert started. Carlene Carter opened up the evening followed by Emmylou Harris. Then the main event John Fogerty Mellencamp came on stage. He played a great concert for the rest of the night. It was a grand concert.

Headed out and home after the show was over.